Land Development Services & Site Design

The envisioning, planning and improving of the built environment is one of the core services that CSDG provides.  We assist both private developers and local municipalities with a wide variety of design services during all phases of the land development process.

From the initial idea through final construction, our experienced team of professionals understand the complexities of the development and entitlement process and use a multi-disciplinary approach to form creative design solutions.


  • Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Rezoning and Entitlement
  • Public presentation and representation
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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the expertise that our firm was founded on.  Project challenges can be simple or complex, but always require thoughtful, comprehensive design solutions.  As a key component to our multi-disciplinary process, our engineers collaborate with other team members to ensure that our civil engineering efforts are designed and implemented in a safe, functional, economical and sustainable manner.

Our team has broad project experience that spans a wide range of project types and sizes.  From multi-million dollar corporate headquarters and distribution centers, regional infrastructure systems, to small, urban infill residential projects, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients throughout the region.


  • Detailed Site Design
  • Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control Design
  • River & Stream Flood Studies and FEMA Coordination
  • Stormwater Management, Detention and Water Quality Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection System Analysis & Design
  • Roadway and Pavement Design
  • Construction Administration
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Land Planning

All successful projects begin with a great vision.  Our philosophy is focused on creating a unique, authentic and memorable user experience that inspires the imagination and connects with the emotions.  This vision ultimately translates to the built environment and overall marketing strategy as the spirit and personality of a project.

The planning process defines the overall identity and character of a project from which all other design decisions originate.  Planning, to us, is a dynamic, collaborative and visionary process that is focused on translating the client’s vision into reality.  We pride ourselves on being a solutions-based firm, and with the development environment constantly changing, our goal is to develop alternatives that test the viability of different design solutions in order to define a preferred development strategy.


  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Land Use Planning
  • Community Master Planning
  • Site Design
  • City and Regional Planning
  • Parks and Recreation Planning
  • Maritime and Waterfront Planning
  • Rezoning and Entitlements
  • Urban Redevelopment Studies
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Landscape Architecture

The natural environment provides us inspiration when creating memorable spaces that reflect the local character, history and culture of a specific area, while respecting the natural qualities of the land as a foundation for sustainable design solutions.



  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Landscape and Hardscape Design
  • Community Monumentation
  • Amenity Planning and Design
  • Plant and Material Selection
  • Urban Park and Plaza Design
  • Streetscape Design
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Construction Phase Services

Construction Phase Services is the final step in developing your project and insuring that the project is done per design and specifications.

CSDG uses professional and sound judgement to make sure the project is built to the clients expectations. CSDG has Engineers, Administration and TDOT (CEI) qualified professionals that work with local and State officials throughout all phases of construction.  Services include full CEI documentation for Local Programs and TDOT requirements.

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